Best Decaf Coffee it Easy to Fill your Coffee Mug

Decaf coffee offers a great and safer alternative to regular coffee. Contrary to popular belief, decaf coffee has some caffeine in it but the level is significantly lower (up to 97% lower). When produced correctly, decaf coffee offers the same flavor of regular coffee but without the malignant effects to a person’s heart, blood pressure and bones.

If you’re thinking about switching to decaf or you’re already drinking it but you want to find the best decaf coffee available, there are certain things you should consider. The first is the decaffeination method. There are two ways in which the caffeine can be reduced. The first is called the “European Process” and it’s achieved by treating the beans with water and then soaking them in a chemical called methylene chloride. With this method the beans keep all of their flavor and if you don’t have a problem with chemically treatments, then this is the best decaf coffee for you.

The people that feel uncomfortable with chemically treated beans should set their sights on decaf coffee created through the “Swiss Water Process”. This method is more environmentally friendly as it only needs hot water and steam to remove the caffeine. Although it’s more natural, decaf coffee made through this process has slightly less flavor. But if you like to keep things 100% natural and can deal with a slightly poorer flavor, then the “Swiss Water Process” offers the best decaf coffee for you.

Wanting to drink the best decaf coffee possible is only natural and knowing more about how something is produced, helps us understand more about it. Knowledge is the best advantage you can possibly have when wanting to buy the absolute best. That’s why you should always take your time and learn everything that you can about the thing that you want to purchase.

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  1. The European method of decaffeinating coffee beans does include a chemical process as described, but the coffee beans are left with virtually no trace of those chemicals once the process is completed. If that still detracts people, the Swiss method could maintain a stronger flavor if it utilizes a higher quality Arabica bean to start with. Depending on your preference, it is important to research your coffee beans prior to buying them.

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